Aufgrund der aktuell andauernden epidemiologischen Lage werden einige der Kurse in Frühsommer/Herbst 2021 verschoben oder Online durchgeführt.

Weitere Informationen ersehen Sie unter der Rubrik Kurse.


Dr. Rolf Gutzwiller, Managing Director:

  • Organization of public and company-specific education and training
  • Lecturer for the topics railway technology in general, electric traction, power electronics, safety installations – interlockings, automation and train control systems as well as ETCS.
  • Services (reports, studies, concepts etc.) predominantly in the areas of electric traction, power electronics, safety and train control systems.

Fritz Eichenberger, Freelancer:

  • Lecturer on the subject of safety systems, in particular outdoor facilities, and railroad crossing control systems
  • Organization of sightseeing
  • Services (reports, studies, concepts, administrative support, etc.) mainly in the field of safety and automation systems

In addition, many external specialists teach as lecturers in our courses.